Sydney Swans Game Today


Where can I watch the Sydney Swans live today?

In the heart of Australian Rules Football, the Sydney Swans stand as a symbol of resilience, skill, and a commitment to excellence. As they prepare to take the field today, fans across the nation are gearing up for an exhilarating display of athleticism, strategy, and unwavering team spirit.

Founded in 1874, the Sydney Swans have etched their name in the annals of Australian Rules Football history. Today, they embark on a new chapter, ready to face their opponents and leave an indelible mark on the AFL landscape. The iconic red and white colors adorn the players, a visual testament to the Swans’ legacy and their unwavering presence in the league. proudly presents the opportunity for fans to watch the Sydney Swans game live today. Our platform ensures a seamless and free streaming experience, allowing you to witness every mark, goal, and strategic move in high definition. As the players showcase their skills on the field, provides an unmatched view, ensuring you don’t miss a single moment of the action.

Join the live chat on, where Swans enthusiasts from around the world gather to share their excitement, discuss pivotal moments, and connect over their shared passion for Australian Rules Football. Our platform is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of all AFL matches, and today’s Sydney Swans game is no exception.

Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or a casual viewer, immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Australian Rules Football. Watch the Sydney Swans game live today on, and be part of the excitement, camaraderie, and skill that define the essence of the AFL. The game will be available for streaming 15 minutes before kick-off, so don’t miss your chance to be part of the action!

Sydney Swans Game Today

Sydney Swans Game Fixtures Schedule

Sydney Swans 2024 AFL Game
Thursday March 7TIME (AEDT)TV
Sydney Swans vs. Melbourne7:30pmSeven/Fox
Friday March 15TIME (AEDT)TV
Collingwood vs. Sydney Swans7:40pmSeven/Fox
Saturday March 23TIME (AEDT)TV
Sydney Swans vs. Essendon7:30pmSeven/Fox
Sunday March 31TIME (AEDT)TV
Richmond vs. Sydney Swans4:00pmFox Footy
Saturday April 6TIME (AEST)TV
Sydney Swans vs. West Coast Eagles1:30pmFox Footy
Sunday April 21TIME (AEST)TV
Sydney Swans vs. Gold Coast Suns1:00pmFox Footy
Sunday April 28TIME (AEST)TV
Hawthorn vs. Sydney Swans4:00pmFox Footy
Saturday May 4TIME (AEST)TV
Sydney Swans vs. GWS Giants1:45pmFox Footy
Friday May 10TIME (AEST)TV
Fremantle vs. Sydney Swans8:20pmFox Footy
Friday May 17TIME (AEST)TV
Sydney Swans vs. Carlton7:40pmSeven/Fox
Thursday May 23TIME (AEST)TV
Western Bulldogs vs. Sydney Swans7:30pmSeven/Fox
Sunday June 9TIME (AEST)TV
Sydney Swans vs. Geelong Cats3:20pmFox Footy
Saturday June 15TIME (AEST)TV
Adelaide Crows vs. Sydney Swans7:30pmSeven/Fox
Saturday June 22TIME (AEST)TV
GWS Giants vs. Sydney Swans4:35pmFox Footy
Sydney Swans vs. FremantleTBDTBD
St Kilda vs. Sydney SwansTBDTBD
Sydney Swans vs. North MelbourneTBDTBD
Brisbane Lions vs. Sydney SwansTBDTBD
Sydney Swans vs. Western BulldogsTBDTBD
Port Adelaide vs. Sydney SwansTBDTBD
Sydney Swans vs. CollingwoodTBDTBD
Essendon vs. Sydney SwansTBDTBD
Sydney Swans vs. Adelaide CrowsTBDTBD