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The Geelong Cats, a powerhouse in Australian Rules Football, have etched their name into the annals of AFL history with a legacy of triumphs and a commitment to excellence. Originating in Geelong, Victoria, the Cats have become synonymous with thrilling gameplay, strategic brilliance, and an unwavering dedication to success.

The football club was founded founded in 1859, the Geelong Cats have consistently demonstrated their prowess on the field, earning a reputation as one of the league’s most formidable teams. With a rich history that includes numerous premierships and iconic moments, the Cats continue to captivate fans with their skill, determination, and distinctive style of play.

As the Geelong Cats gear up for today’s game, fans can anticipate a showcase of the team’s trademark attributes – precision, agility, and a relentless pursuit of victory. To witness the action live, we provide multiple links for a seamless streaming experience, free from subscriptions, blackouts, and distracting ads. The Geelong Cats Live Stream will be accessible 15 minutes before the game kicks off. In the unlikely event of a stream disruption, a quick refresh or a channel change will swiftly bring you back into the heart of the action.

Explore to discover a comprehensive list of events or channels. Scroll down and select the Geelong Cats game from our AFL schedule. Click on the listing to reveal a new page with the streaming screen, and patiently await the video to load. Should you encounter any hiccups, simply click on the TV screen, close the pop-up, and return to the stream to find the full-screen and audio buttons conveniently placed below the TV screen. Now, relax, sit back, and immerse yourself in the passion of the AFL game! ensures coverage of all AFL games, from regular-season clashes to the intensity of finals football. Our streaming service transcends regional barriers, allowing fans worldwide to witness the prowess of the Cats. Whether you’re a lifelong supporter or new to the excitement of Australian Rules Football, join us in watching the Geelong Cats game live today. Share your enthusiasm in the chat, revel in the camaraderie, and cheer on the Cats as they aim for victory!

Geelong Cats Game

Geelong Cats Game Fixtures Schedule

Geelong Cats 2024 AFL Game
Saturday March 16TIME (AEDT)TV
Geelong Cats vs. St Kilda7:30pmSeven/Fox
Friday March 12TIME (AEDT)TV
Adelaide Crows vs. Geelong Cats7:40pmSeven/Fox
Monday April 1TIME (AEDT)TV
Hawthorn vs. Geelong Cats3:20pmSeven/Fox
Saturday April 6TIME (AEDT)TV
Geelong Cats vs. Western Bulldogs8:10pmSeven/Fox
Sunday April 14TIME (AEST)TV
Geelong Cats vs. North Melbourne1:00pmFox Footy
Saturday April 20TIME (AEST)TV
Brisbane Lions vs. Geelong Cats7:30pmSeven/Fox
Saturday April 27TIME (AEST)TV
Geelong Cats vs. Carlton4:35pmFox Footy
Saturday May 4TIME (AEST)TV
Melbourne vs. Geelong Cats7:30pmSeven/Fox
Friday May 10TIME (AEST)TV
Geelong Cats vs. Port Adelaide7:10pmSeven/Fox
Thursday May 16TIME (AEST)TV
Gold Coast Suns vs. Geelong Cats7:30pmSeven/Fox
Saturday May 25TIME (AEST)TV
Geelong Cats vs. GWS Giants4:35pmFox Footy
Saturday June 1TIME (AEST)TV
Geelong Cats vs. Richmond7:35pmSeven/Fox
Sunday June 9TIME (AEST)TV
Sydney Swans vs. Geelong Cats3:20pmFox Footy
Friday June 21TIME (AEST)TV
Carlton vs. Geelong Cats7:40pmSeven/Fox
Geelong Cats vs. EssendonTBDTBD
Geelong Cats vs. HawthornTBDTBD
Collingwood vs. Geelong CatsTBDTBD
Geelong Cats vs. Western BulldogsTBDTBD
North Melbourne vs. Geelong CatsTBDTBD
Geelong Cats vs. Adelaide CrowsTBDTBD
Fremantle vs. Geelong CatsTBDTBD
St Kilda vs. Geelong CatsTBDTBD
Geelong Cats vs. West Coast EaglesTBDTBD